Providing Strategic Vision & Focus
Niyi Ojuolape is in many ways skilled in providing leadership and solutions suitable for various political contexts bearing in mind, the missions and vision of the United Nations Population Fund.

Leading, Developing & Empowering People
He believes in the power of teamwork and recognizes the importance of diversity in teams. As a result, he has worked in various ways to equip his staff and empower people he works to deliver efficiently on their responsibilities and work.

Creating a Culture of High Performance
In collaboration with his staff, he sets high and realistic performance targets. He also easily recognizes good and bad performances among his staff and works to improve poor performances.

Working in Teams & Managing Oneself
Niyi Ojuolape collaborates exceptionally well with his staff and other stakeholders to deliver on the missions and goals of UNFPA. He also creates the necessary environment to foster team spirit and teamwork.

Communicating for Impact
He fosters a culture of open communication among his staff and allows for transparency in communication. He is also skilled at strategic messaging and capitalizes on various opportunities to bring visibility to his organization.

Exemplifying Integrity & Demonstrating Commitment
He has strong capabilities in recognizing ethical issues and intervening to address them. He has shown through his commitment over the years in ensuring that principles od the UN system and the UN are upheld.

Embracing Change
Niyi Ojuolape is open to leading change within his organization and influencing change in various aspects of work. He also open to accepting different ways and views of implementing or executing various tasks. He believes that change can be positive and does well to create opportunities for such change to happen.