Strategic Vision & Focus

‘Niyi is in many ways skilled in providing leadership and solutions suitable for any contexts
bearing in mind, the missions and vision of the United Nations. He has worked and gained
tremendous experiences at highest levels of organizations.

Leadership & Development

‘Niyi believes in the power of teamwork and recognizes the importance of diversity in teams. As
a result, he continues to engage and equip his colleagues, empowering and inspiring allies in
various ways he works to help them deliver efficiently on their responsibilities and deliverables.
Niyi is a coach and has helped put in shape the career of many through mentorship, strategic
discussions and retreat, whilst helping others to maneuver stormy seas through discipleship and
resilience. As much as he is engaged in his corporate roles and tasks, Niyi continues to guide
many to solve life puzzles through less-liking means such as social and behavioral change,
transforming and improving individuals through attitudinal interventions which he tagged “the
power of the mind.”

Helping you move from where you are now, to where you desire to be; faster than you would by yourself.


Niyi’s Algorithm

I am available to help you move from where you are now, to where you intend to be, through your commitment and readiness for change.