Launching the 2021 SWOP Report in Ghana

Launching the 2021 SWOP Report in Ghana

“My Body Is My Own”, title of the 2021 State of the World Population (SWOP) Report, brings to light the right of women and girls to own their bodies, decide when and where to give birth, and their abilities to make other sexual choices.

I joined the launch of the 2021 SWOP Report by sharing highlights of the report and the urgency in allowing women and girls exercise their sexual rights.

The right to autonomy and self-determination definitely includes prioritization of sexual and reproductive health care. Imagine a young girl easily getting access to comprehensive sexuality education, she will be well informed to make decisions to ensure that her dreams are achieved without any disruptions. This will benefit society and help achieve the sustainable development goals.

Women, over the years, have experienced various forms of discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. This limits their performance and slows down development.

Depriving women and girls of bodily autonomy is wrong. Let’s promote an equitable space to ensure that women and girls own their bodies.

Visit the website to read more about the report :

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