Employing Transformative Interventions to Empower Adolescent Girls

Employing Transformative Interventions to Empower Adolescent Girls

We owe it to this generation to make the right investment for their development, and posterity will be kind to us

The wellbeing and total development of young people, especially adolescent girls, remain a priority especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

As part of the UN Joint Programme on Empowering adolescent girls through improved access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and rights-based quality sexual reproductive health (SRH) services in Ghana, I launched the Cube Convos initiative to serve as an innovative strategy to reach adolescent girls in communities, schools, and virtual platforms with empowering messages and accurate SRH information, including information on menstrual health.

An illustration of a Cube Convo discourse in communities with adolescent girls

The Cube Convos has been designed to focus on thematic areas including: Assertiveness, Menstrual Health, Teenage Pregnancy and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and response. This discourse-focused, girl-centered innovation will equip girls with self-confidence, self-efficacy and assertiveness skills needed to address sexual and gender-based violence and harmful socio-cultural norms/practices.

The launch took place at Alisa hotel and was graced by government representatives, civil society organizations and adolescent girls.

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