Taking My COVID-19 Vaccination

Taking My COVID-19 Vaccination

With the frontline health worker in preparation to take my jab.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world hard and has had ripple effects in almost every area of human activity, especially in everyday social interaction as we have come to know it. Despite the distress and discomfort it brought, we might also want to look at the positives it offered, for instance, in leading us to adopt cross-sectoral alternative working arrangements using electronic means.

Displaying my Vaccination card after the injection.

The pandemic has equally taught us the need to put forward once again the basics of personal hygiene including: regular hand-washing, use of hand sanitizers and observing cough/sneeze etiquette. Thankfully, COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Ghana last week under the COVAX initiative and I was privileged to take my jab today. It was painless and the process, quite smooth.

Get vaccinated and keep protecting yourself and others. Until we get out of the woods, let’s continue to have each other’s back by wearing our masks, practicing social distancing and keeping fit through physical exercise.

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