Engaging Men as Champions to Achieve Gender Equality

Engaging Men as Champions to Achieve Gender Equality

To be called a feminist does not necessarily mean working for women alone, but contributing to ensuring balance and the peaceful co-existence of women and men”- Niyi Ojuolape.

International Men’s Day is marks the celebration of men who are contributing and making impact in their communities. Joining the Junior Shapers Africa for the International Mens’ Day Prize event, I stressed on the need to engage men and boys as champions to achieve gender equality and equity.

As we intend to be equal partners, it is prudent to recognise the fact that it is women who have suffered for the large part. And so, we must be a generation that will be altruistic to ensure men and women are partners.

In relation to zero sexual and gender-based violence, it is critical that in our response to ending violence against women and girls, we equally rope in men and boys, in order that most, if not all, move into becoming champions against VAWG rather than continuing to be perpetrators.

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